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Serenity is a Synergy of Sound Alchemy offered to you by Susanne Lichtenegger & Eva Aourah,
devoted Sound Healing Facilitators, Yogis and Meditation Guides. We love creating Sound Journeys that make you feel stellar & guide you back home.

Sound Journeys are deeply restorative for your whole well being. It’s like receiving a musical massage. The harmonic frequencies of human voice and certain musical instruments vibrate the cells and subtle energy of your body, to release tension and restore harmony. Harmonic sound waves also entrain the brain to move into the deeper Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies, inducing a deep meditative, clear and peaceful state on the receiver. Your heart rate slows and the body is able to integrate, restore and rejuvenate.

Sound is one of the oldest & most natural forms of Healing.
Serenity Sound Journeys are designed to gently, lovingly, gracefully recenter your being to its soulful essence. Allow yourself to relax and receive the healing sounds of Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Medicine drums, Voice, Monochord, Flute and other sacred instruments. Slowly sink deeper into the nature of silence, pure presence, eternal witness. A gentle activation of your voice may be part of the journey, including our signature poetic meditative guidance.

Eva & Susanne met in 2020 at a Kirtan and connected deeper with each other in the Jungles
of Bali, where they both resided for shorter and longer periods of time. They share a deep affinity for the healing qualities of Sound, Silence and Nature, and found great synergy in combining their gifts as Sound Facilitators together.

"We offer Sound Healings, Meditative Practices, Insights & Inspirations into the world of Frequencies and Vibrations

So you can journey deep home to your Heart of Hearts & Experience the inherent Harmony that is always present Within."

~ Sound comes and goes, Silence remains ~

To find out more of our offers, feel free to contact us.

* Email: serenity.soundsynergy@gmail.com *
instagram: serenity.soundsynergy

Regular Events 

Vocal Toning & Sound Healing at Radiant Alive (Ubud)
Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony & Sound Healing at Pyramid of Chi (Ubud)
Yin Yoga & Healing Sounds at Yogabarn (Ubud)

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