A short story From doing to Being - Unwinding back to essence & expressing freely


I was born with a speech defect. 
At the age of two I sought professional help, and after five years of therapy I was able to use words to express myself. I carried this feeling within that something was wrong with me as my verbal expressions did not meet the expectations coming from outside.
However as a playful child I found my joy and freedom of heart in music and dancing. I begged and begged and finally at the age of seven my mum bought me my first instrument:  a Violin.
I feel our soul chooses our parents and circumstances we are born in to. As I have found inner peace through various meditation practices, it was no coincidence that I was introduced to meditation already through my baby- milk.
Me and my sister used to love to lie on the  floor next to our momma as she sat down to her daily meditation practice. Her organic garden (in Germany where I was born) nurtured us and she used natural remedies for healing if we were feeling unwell.
My heart is full of gratitude towards the knowledge of natural way of living which I embodied since as a child.
School education was not my strength. I decided to start work at early age. My teenage dream was to become a hair & make-up artist. I dedicated myself to it and with hard work and meeting the right people at the right time I ended up in my dream job in London.
Life gives to us what we are ready to receive.
I travelled to amazing locations, earned good money, worked with incredible talented artists and got to see the rich and the poor around the world. Needless to say how that affected my heart as witnessing it all. I learned much at those times. I felt like life had taken me to a school of life and I was preparing myself for something to come....
I always loved the craft, but not the industry I was in. I felt totally disconnected and lost. I found myself in constant stress and putting a lot of pressure on myself. I had  up and downs with my health, and overall I wasn’t fulfilled. I always knew that this is not the life I know within. I did not come to this planet to do what I did then. But I wanted to go through this experience. It was my choice.
The stress started to get the better of me and I needed to take longer and longer breaks to revitalise myself... from within I heard the calling to go back to what I learned already as a child - meditation.
I started to explore my feelings with Sound ,Vipassana, was introduced to Breath work and I developed my yoga Asana routine. In that specific time of change I had many mystical experiences and realised that there is more than just this physicality I perceived as reality.
Some years back I reached a point where I was unable to work anymore as my yet unknown heart’s desire started to call me strongly. I had no other choice than to follow my heart. The island of Bali called me as I was feeling that something was dying within. The day I left London I knew that I would not ever come back to London the same.
Shortly after my arrival to Bali I reconnected to my teacher whom I met in 2018. I dived deep into active meditations with him. 
 I realized how much I hated myself and how much I actually suffered.
I had nothing to lose. Throwing myself fully into meditation practises changed everything. As I reconnected to myself I found myself releasing all the burden which I had collected in all my life times.
Active meditations, meetings of masters & teachers helped me to open up.
My remembrance was coming back, it is like, someone takes the veil off..  And I’m starting to see again.
There has never been a start or a beginning, it’s an endless unfolding unwinding...

The journey is about accepting and loving myself of who I am, in every moment, seeing every moment as it is. Always new and fresh.
Since the awakening to life which I had I am regularly connected with my teacher.  I went to see masters, lived in the jungle for one year, and explored teachings from so many beautiful beings here in Bali…
It is in the absence of words to express in how much meditation practises and all amazing beings who came into this life journey of mine have supported and been a gift in my awakening journey. 
 All the tools are here for us to come back to our TRUE SELF, to truly know of who we are and to live our Soul purpose. 
Meditation techniques are here to teach us to be in the presence as presence itself. It’s a journey from here to here.
Life is a journey not a destination, never ending, endless unfolding.
Blessings, Susanne


Certificates & Trainings 

Sound Energy medicine & Nada Yoga with Lola Lama, Level 1 ( 2018 London )

Overtone & voice  ( 2018 London )

120h Sound Healer Facilitator training with Nestor Kornblum & Michele Averard, Harmonic Sounds
( 2018 Spain )

200h Active consciousness meditation teacher training with Punnu Wasu Singh ( 2019 Bali )

   Active & passive  Meditations with Maitreya ( 2019-2021 )

Vocal empowerment & Mantras  ( 2020 Bali )

50h Shiva & Shakti Massage Ritual with Satyarthi, Tantra Nectar Massage Academy ( 2021 Bali )


I’m so grateful to have experienced a spiritual journey with Susanne and received her powerful holding of space, which is very safe, loving and authentic.
I feel she is deeply dedicated to her meditation practice and has embodied their teachings in a very profound way,
I love Susanne’s aliveness and humour, she always brings it with her, even in moments when you feel lost, broken or sad… she manages to hold you and honour you in your expression.
She always sees you in your highest light, and by her eye’s gaze she reminds you that you are always whole and perfect as you are.

It is a blessing if you can work with her, be in her presence and receive her teachings.

By Jelena Devi


I feel so blessed to have met Susanne and find the dear Soul in her. Meditations guided by her, transformed my life completely. I've found practical instruments to keep me balanced and filled with pure Love. Love to myself :) Thank you, for the laugh and the light in her being.

By Alla


The way she walks through life is extraordinary. With the eyes of a child, she finds joy in the smallest things, even just in the way how grass grows. And she is never afraid to let out her loud & cheerful laughter – never asking if it might be inappropriate or weird.

Susi has inspired me in so many ways: To not take life too seriously. And whenever I needed advice, she has been there and giving me the exact advice that I needed to hear.

I am deeply grateful for Susanne for spreading the seeds of freedom through laughter, meditation and sound healing.

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By Purnama


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