Art from the heart

“Today I am celebrating on a sacred land in the Jungle of Bali, saying thanks to every being & letting go and flowing into a new chapter. So much magic happened, and I'm speechless.”

These are the words I wrote down after leaving an incredible experience behind.

This is where it all started, this was the place when I started painting again, where some of these images were born.

When I lived in London I heard the first time about this magical wild waterfall in Bali and I knew I had to go there. But I never thought that one day I would fully live there. It came to the right time… There was so much to heal and I needed this rest.

It was a very simple life.

living outside in an open hut with basic kitchen, only cold showers from the holy spring or waterfall,

Early mornings, waking up with the first bird singing, watching & feeling the sunsets and sunrise, loads of meditations, mud scrubs, watching the monkeys and other animals, playing in the garden, naked dancing, laughing and crying, releasing emotions, loads of healthy food or fasting, connection & community fires and singing & ceremonies, massages and falling asleep with nature sounds, or sometimes outside under the stars and moon.

Nothing else to do.... I didn’t have my computer with me, and didn’t use my phone much (apart from staying in close contact to my family, and regular meetings with one of my teachers & beautiful sangha)

There were times i didn’t leave the holy land.. I could spend all day there. Not seeing anyone from the community. No talking to anyone.

Just being with the fires, the sound and smell, watching the flame dancing in all the colors, the warmth on my body, all this felt very nourishing.

Being with the water and listening to the sounds.

Being with trees and deeply connecting to a rock, or just lying in the grass.

Listening to all the sounds around…..

and barefoot all day.

Nourishing my body, and learning to listen to it, to my needs.

It was a time, with no work, no money, no mirrors, I didn't have many clothes, not much technology around, no distraction and other entertainments, no distractive sounds, just being with myself. And sinking even deeper and becoming one with her.

I felt Mother Earth just took me on a journey… deep deep inside her. it was so healing. I felt safe and hold and loved by her. I really learned to listen to her signs. Her language became clear and I started to bring this expression on paper.

So many images appeared, and still do until now.

Her message

“She is living through me

she is talking through me

she is breathing through me

she is crying through me

she is laughing through me”

She is our pure reflection,

can you see yourself in it?

Have you ever bowed down to a rock or a river or the ocean?

Have you ever connected to a star on the sky?

She is so beautiful playing.. all day, the wind, the clouds, all the incredible colors, all the forms, all our bodies, and animals, in all our expressions.

We should take a look within, take rest and be kind to ourselves and others & listen to our heart voice and courageous to follow this call and brave enough to make the jump into the unknown and do the inner work.

Often we think we have to learn and study so much, no spiritual knowledge helps you if it’s not an experience itself.

The less we know the better.

No book and teacher can give you that of who you are, only supporting on your journey and pointing to your inner beauty.

We have to walk alone, we have to feel it all, and getting totally LOST, in the deepest sorrow and pain and the bliss, and somewhere in between we remember ourselves.

This pictures shall remind you of your inner Beauty, of your magic, of your power & wisdom

And inspire you to walk your path in love on this beautiful earth.

May we all rise in Love,